With two colour choices, four channels, one hundred effect combinations and endless creative possibilities, the new DJM-850 is set to become home and mobile DJs'; most sought-after mixer.

The DJM-850 is primed and ready for plug and play, with preconfigured, studio-quality effects accessible at the touch of a button. The mixer rivals software's creative possibilities liberating DJs from their laptops and allowing for a more natural DJing experience.

Beat Colour Effect is an industry first. Sidechaining adds a new layer of control. The Beat Effect 'listens' to the audio input of each channel and connects the changes in volume to other parameters making it easy to blend in new sounds and effects.

The integrated 4-stereo-channel sound card makes set up incredibly simple, with connection to PCs and laptops requiring just one cable.

Built-in 4-stereo-channel sound card
• Integrated high-performance sound card and simultaneous input and output ensures there is no deterioration of sound quality.
• 3 sampling rates enables music recording, production and DJing.
• Connect to a PC/laptop with one USB cable and start mixing music immediately.
• Make the most of scratch control thanks to the compatibility with the timecode feature on Digital Vinyl Systems, such as Traktor.
• The utility tool launches as soon as the DJM-850 is connected to a computer, allowing you to configure the mixer, sound card and audio routing according to personal preferences.

Beat Colour Effect
• The power of 'sidechaining' adds a new element to the Colour Effects.
• Beat button adds another dimension of control when you apply the Colour Effects.

Beat Colour Effect 'listens' to the audio input of each channel and directly connects the rhythmical changes in volume: resonance for Filter and Crush, beat repeat for Cutterand ducking volume for the Noise Effect.

Improved Beat Effects with new FX Boost
• 13 enhanced Beat Effects along with Reverb and Spiral Effect,
• Up Echo produces a more controllable mix (exclusive to the DJM-850).
• FX Boost function allows the Level/Depth knob to work more proactively than a standard Wet/Dry Control.

EQ isolator on each channel
• Each channel has a 3-band equalizer (+6 dB to -26 dB) or 3-band isolator (+6 dB to -26 dB) with a range from -26 kill to complete kill.

High-quality sound and familiar, industry-standard layout
• Pristine sound reproduction with reduced noise interference is guaranteed thanks to top-of-the-range components.
• A user-friendly layout for ultimate familiarity.

Built for DJs who love to play
• The internal parts of the high-performance faders are nestled well out of harm's way, so drink spillages aren't a disaster.
• P-Lock Fader Caps prevent faders from slipping off accidentally during rough use.
• Fully MIDI assignable, the DJM-850 also serves as a MIDI controller.
• The USB port is conveniently located on top of the mixer so you can easily switch between connectable devices.
• Automatically reverts to standby mode if not used for a set period of time.





No matter what source CD, USB (flash drive or disk) or straight from PC, the CDJ-850 is suitable for your way of working. It's also rekordbox compatible, meaning that using the free rekordbox software, you can beforehand prepare and manage your tracks on your PC for an extra smooth DJ set.
You can also easily create your set on the fly. With the Tag List feature, you can plan 20 or even more tracks ahead. Unique to the CDJ-850, you can even add, remove and change the order of the tracks in the list. Wave Display allows you to see peaks and drops in your tracks, helping you make fluent mixes between tracks.

Inherits the exacting control features of Pioneer professional series
In addition to the large 206 mm jog dial, which makes controlling of functions a breeze, CDJ-850 inherits the layout of the professional series and its ease of usage, including the rotary selector, browse buttons and other useful functions. Its resemblance to the operability of the professional series will please every home DJ.

Compatible with a variety of media and formats
CDJ-850 provides home DJs the ease of using all types of music formats and media as it is compatible to MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF formats, recorded on USB storage devices or CD-R/RW discs.

Comes with rekordboxTM, the music management software that supports easy DJing
Once installed on a PC, rekordboxTM allows home DJs to analyse music files and manage them (make settings, create and edit playlists and save histories) in a way that optimise DJ play.
- Analyse data such as the Wave, Beat Grid, BPM, and ID3 Tag*2 of music files
- Cue and Loop*3 settings
- Create and edit playlists
- Save histories of music files being played
USB Export function that simplifies DJ play 
Music files and their associated management data saved with rekordboxTM and exported to a USB storage device can be accessed by CDJ-850 even when it is not connected to a PC. As play histories are automatically recorded to the USB storage device, the sequence of Music File Analysis & Settings to DJ Performance Preparation for Next Play becomes simple.
Rich display for quick and easy music selection
The rich GUI of CDJ-850 makes music file information, such as title, artist, and BPM, easy to grasp, and combined with the easy-to-use rotary selector, music selection is made effortless. The WAVE display smoothes out DJ play because it allows the DJ to grasp the flow and dynamics of the whole song.
Used as a DJ software controller or audio interface
MIDI compatible DJing software can be used via a USB connection to a PC, and by connecting via a special interface (USB HID) of CDJ-850, more complex operations of DJing software can be achieved without using a control disc. It can also be used as a PC's audio interface.
Equipped with new editable Tag List function
CDJ-850 comes with a Tag List function, which allows a song to be easily registered by just pressing a button while playing or selecting a song, so that a list of songs to be played next can be created. Further, the order of songs in the Tag List can be changed and the list can be saved as a playlist in rekordboxTM.
Other features:
- Auto Beat Loop function allows a beat loop to be put together with just a press of a button.
- Four levels of settings*4 can be made for the maximum variation range of a song's tempo +/-6%, +/-10%, +/-16% and WIDE.
- Equipped with Resume function, a disc returns to the previous state when it is removed and reloaded later. 
- Excellent vibration-resistance with Shock-Proof Memory*5 and Floating Architecture.
*1 Developed in cooperation with MixVibes, rekordboxTM is a registered trademark of Pioneer and is a music file management software used with Pioneer products.
*2 Wave: displaying the dynamics and density of the sound of the whole song in 2D allows the structure of the entire song to be checked.
Beat Grid: refers to the beat position displayed on the waveform in rekordboxTM.
BPM: Beats Per Minute: indicates the tempo of a song numerically, so the beats per minute is its BPM.
ID3 Tag: refers to the standard for writing meta-data, such as the artist, year created, title, etc., into an MP3 file.
*3 Cue: refers to a point in a song to cue from.
Loop: Repeatedly playing a snatch of music seamlessly.
*4 WIDE only works with music CDs. Music files such as MP3, AAC, WAV & AIFF can be set in 3 levels, +/-6%, +/-10%, +/-16%.
*5 A technology that prevents skipping by storing the audio in memory just ahead of the playing music

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